Setting up Custom Assessments in the STEPS Assessment area

Configure Custom Assessments  Set up customised assessment types
Add Custom Assessments to Markbooks  Assign custom assessments to teacher's markbooks
Custom Assessment in the Student Profile  View individual custom assessment data
Reporting on Custom Assessments  Report on custom assessments for selected groups


Admin > Config > Custom Assessments

This application allows you to set up school specific assessment.  The type of assessment is detailed by the school and the data for the assessment is entered through the markbook in the 'My Subjects' area.  

On initial entry you will have the option to add to one of 2 areas.


Configure Custom Assessments

This area allows you to generate a school specific assessment profile with it's own mark type.  On selection of  the Custom Assessment tab, you will see a table showing any existing assessments and the option to add a new one.



When the 'Add New' option is selected you are prompted to give the assessment a name, a description and a data type.  The data types are:

  • Numerical
  • Percentage
  • Grade
  • Levels
  • Text
  • Other 

Once you select 'Insert', this assessment is added to the main assessment table and is available to add to the teacher's mark books.

Add Custom Assessments to Markbooks

Next, select the 'Add Custom Assessments to Markbooks' tab.

A table appears with all of your generated assessment types along the top row and any classes that have that assessment allocated to them along the left hand side.

To allocate your new assessment to the relevant teacher's markbooks, choose the 'Bulk Add Custom Assessments to Class Markbooks' tab.

This area allows you to choose the required custom assessment and to create a column in specified mark books for the data for this assessment to be added in to.

Choose your custom assessment from the drop down and the date that you wish the data column to appear.  

Select a year group, subject, teaching group and/or teacher - on selecting any of these groups the system will automatically highlight classes associated with that group, for example, if you choose Year 4 from the year selector, all year 4 classes will be selected.

You can if you wish skip the group selectors and just click into individual classes under the 'Apply to Classes' header to assign assessment columns to these individual classes.

Click 'Submit' to save your selection.

To enter marks for custom assessments, staff should go to 'My Subjects' and choose the purple markbook.

This mark book is used to enter NC levels, custom assessment marks and markbook tags.

Once you have assigned an assessment to a class, within the markbook an extra column will appear:

Hover over the column header to see which assessment that column is linked to.

You are able to enter your custom assessment marks into the cells next to the child in the set column, adhering to the data type created in the configuration area.

To the right of the screen you can see an ' Add New' tab where you can add further custom assessment columns or new work items (work items)

Other tabs available in this area are:

Custom - This restricts the mark book to only show custom assessments, not nc assessment marks or markbook tags.

My marks - shows only columns and marks that the individual has entered.

Check Points - shows only checkpoints NC levels data.

Show All - shows all set assessments and available checkpoints.

Hide Key - Hides the displayed key and when clicked again, reinstates it.

No. of columns drop down - limits the amount of columns displayed.

What does the key show?

The first bullseye icon represents the present expected level based on the child's end of key stage target.

The chequered flag icon represents the End of Year target.

The other columns relate to columns that have been set up to record checkpoint or custom assessment marks. 

The KS1 column in the mark book is based on the child's internal assessment mark (not statutory assessment data) for the end of year 2 (CP6).

Custom Assessment in the Student Profile

This can be viewed via the the student's profile by clicking on the 'Assessment' tab.

The results in the table are the most recent entered however by clicking on the assessment name you will see all the historic data in the form of a table or graph.  

You can also compare multiple custom assessments by selecting those required and selecting 'Compare Selected'.

 Reporting on Custom Assessments


                                         Reporting>Assessment>Others>Custom Assessments 

The Custom Assessments report is a tabular report displaying the pupil's first name, surname, year group, form group and each custom assessment taken within a given period.

Filter by Group and/or Form and choose to display current, former or future students.

From the 'Custom Assessment' drop down list, pick the required assessment or choose 'All Custom Assessments' and specify a date range.

A table will be generated with your chosen pupils and any custom assessment marks entered for the given period.




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