Setting up Formative Statements

This article will help guide you through creating additional statements and how to assign statements to checkpoints.

To access this module please go to Admin > Config > Formative Assessment Statements. 

Here you will see the option to:

  1. Create a new subject component to add statements too
  2. Select a current subject too amend or add statements too

Creating a New Subject or Component

Simply click on Start a New Subject or Component and a new page will appear (please note that you cannot create a subject through here, please contact the support desk for more information). Click on abbreviation drop down box to find a list of subjects that are on your system, choose a subject that you want to add statements too, next you will need to add a short component name (this is the component abbreviation) and input the full name of the component, see example below.

Click insert to proceed.

You will find yourself back at the start menu, to add statements simply select the subject/component you have created and click choose.

Further options will appear, click on Add New Statement and a pop up box should display (see image below), input your statement into the target box and choose the year that you want the statement to appear against. 

For existing statements simply click edit to amend the statement.

Assigning Statements to Checkpoints

Simply select your subject and component (optional) and click choose, a bank of statements will appear with 6 checkpoint tick boxes, simply tick the checkpoints that you will be teaching the statement from.

If you are using the statements to predict a summative score then ScholarPack recommends that you only de-select the checkpoints before you start teaching them.

For example if you have a statement that is being taught at CP2 then ScholarPack would suggest to tick CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5 & CP6. If you have a statement being taught at CP4 then select CP4, CP5 & CP6.

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