Sibling Contact Links


When a new student joins the school if they have a sibling who is already on roll you may want to copy across the contact details for the Mother and Father - for example.  In order to do this, on the Student profile and under the Contact Information area, click onto the white cog next to contact information.



Instead of clicking onto "Add New" type the surname of the parent in the search box below this button, this will bring up a list of all surnames related  - find the contact that is linked to the sibling and click update to add it to the new sibling.  



Once update has been selected, you will then receive the screen showing below. In order to add further details about the contact for this sibling i.e. the contact order number and whether they have permission to take the student home/Responsibility.  After doing this, you can then click onto Allocate, to save the contact.  



These contacts are now linked - meaning that if the contact changes their telephone number for example - you are able to update just the one sibling with the new number and this will update all the linked contacts.  

Please note: this will also work for Doctor contacts.  However if a student does change surgeries, please ensure to remove the current surgery and add the new surgery rather than amending the details.  



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