Why are students not showing on my Tracker Report?


The Tracker reports work against student Targets, so if your class does not have their targets set they will not be pulled through to these reports. Targets will need to be set in all four areas listed below:


There are two ways to record Targets on ScholarPack. This can be done by the Admin Team or by Teachers via their My Subjects Tab. 

Setting Targets via Admin

In Admin > Students > Student Targets


 You can set both estimated and aspirational targets. You also have the option to set targets in bulk and use a prediction based on the most recent assessment input.

 To manually input targets choose a Year Group and click choose. 

This area will allow you to set targets for your individual students. By default the Estimated targets will show as E and the Aspirational targets will show as T, this means the targets are empty.

Screen_Shot_2018-04-09_at_12.11.08.png    Screen_Shot_2018-04-09_at_12.22.33.png


Simply click on the E, or T and a dropdown will show, choose the step you wish to set as a target.


Once you click on the step and the dropdown box disappears, this mark is saved. 

To input Targets in Bulk look below the tables of students and you will see a Bulk-Fill Option box. 


Choose the step you wish you set for the targets from the EOY and EOKS dropdown, click Estimated or Aspirational. Then click Set Targets.

The "Set targets based upon predictions" button will calculate a Target based upon the students current Step. 


 Setting Targets Via My Subjects (Teachers) 


When a Teacher is in their class via the My Subjects Tab they will see an icon for Targets. 


 The instructions above work the same way for this area. 

If the Targets icon shown above is not visible in the My Subjects Area you will need to ask a member of the Admin Team to go to Admin > Config > Steps Assessment Config.



Once in here check that Teachers See Targets is set to Yes. You can also lock targets in here too, so that Teachers can see the targets, but can not edit them.


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