Can we enter standardised assessment scores in Simple Assessments?

ScholarPack's summative assessment module consists of teacher judgements entered in the Steps format at specific checkpoints in the year (for guidance on that assessment scoring system, click here).

We have devised a new Simple Assessment area for those who wish for more flexibility, such as entering standardised scores.

If you already subscribe to our assessment module there is no extra cost, and we are happy to refer you to Account Management if are interesting in using our assessment package.

Please contact your Support Team for more information, or to have this feature activated -
  • If your school is supported by Scholarpack directly, click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right of the Help Centre
  • If your school uses a Support Partner, please contact them. Click their name in the top right of your Scholarpack above the search box, for their contact details.

Once you have been set up for Simple Assessments you can configure your assessment options at Admin > Config > Simple Assessment Config.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 09.54.35.png


Here you click on Add Assessment, then select an Assessment Template, as well as an associated Mark Scheme template.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 09.54.51.png


The Standardised Assessment templates currently include: NFER Tests, Rising Stars - PUMA, Rising Stars - PiRA, No More Marking and White Rose. If you have a particular scheme you are using and wish us to add an additional template, please get in touch with the Support team.

You are then given the option to tailor the Mark Scheme, Attainment and Progress Reporting Bands.

Once you have configured the Simple Assessments, student scores are entered in the My Subjects area, in the Simple Assessment Markbook. 

  • There is a single markbook for all students.
  • You select the Assessment type, the Subject, the Year Group or Class (form) and the Checkpoint.
  • From the Checkpoint dropdown you can copy marks in bulk from the previous Checkpoint or fill with an individual mark for all students, or individually select a mark for each student.

To report on the students' marks, you go to Reporting > New Reports.

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