Add Funded Hours for Nursery Students

Funded hours are required for the School Census for nursery students. This data is not required for Reception-age students.

If this is for an individual student, you can do this on their profile's extended tab, under the School Information header. 



The Hours at Setting will be the total number of hours they attend your nursery, and the Funded Hours cannot be greater than 15. The Extended Childcare Hours is additional funding the student is eligible for (not any additional hours that parents pay for). If the Hours at Setting is 30, and Funded Hours plus Extended Childcare Hours are both 15, then the student will need to have a 30 Hour Code, provided by the local authority. Save the information entered here at the base of the Extended Tab.

If you are entering Funded Hours in bulk for the entire Nursery form, you can do this in Admin > Students > Group Updater. 


Select either the current year group or current form group for these nursery students, then enter Funded Hours in the Student Attribute dropdown box. Enter a number value in the box (e.g. 15), then click Check All to select all students for the value to apply to, or individually select certain students. 

Click on Update Students to assign the changes. This will have updated all students on their extended tab with the Funded Hours information. You can repeat this process with Extended Childcare Hours and Hours at Setting, from the Student Attribute dropdown box.


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