Staff or Student contact details are not pulling through in our API

If staff, or student, details are not pulling through on your API you will need to check your API setup for that particular API (e.g. ParentPay).

Head to Admin > Config > API Configuration.

Step 1 - Check the last extraction

Check when the last data extraction was by clicking the 'Access Logs' button. This shows when the integrator last took data from ScholarPack so could be the reason the staff/student is not showing.


Step 2 - Check contact

This may be due to student contacts having 'allow contact by 3rd party' flagged as No.

To check this go to Reporting > Reports > Students tab > All contacts by Student report

This report will show whether student contacts have this permission set to No. 



To amend this, go to the student profile and click the cog next to the student contact (E.g. Contact 1) to view this.

You will need to ensure all new Contacts 1 and 2 have permissions set to Yes in future for their data to transfer on this API.


Step 3 - Contact the integrator

If none of the above work, you will need to contact the integrator directly as all API connections are managed from the integrator side, not from ScholarPack.

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