Staff (or Student) details are not pulling through in our API, why is this?

If staff, or student, details are not pulling through on your API you will need to check your API setup for that particular API (e.g. ParentPay). Head to Admin > Config > API Configuration:


Then scroll down to the API for ParentPay:


Click on Edit API Access to see which data options have been selected for this API:


In this instance you will see that Staff Details have not been selected (check Student Details is selected if their data is not pulling through), which is why the staff information is not pulling through in the data feed. Tick this box, then do the sum and an additional green box will come up saying Edit the API integration with ParentPay.  If you are uncertain about the data included in each data set, there is a link in this area (see image above to the left - You can download a full list of data available here, click on the word 'here'). 


After this has been actioned, contact ParentPay to get them to refresh their data feed, to check staff details come through.

 If Student details are not pulling through, as well as checking if the Students field is selected, check if the API is set to 3rd Party. If so, student contacts will need to be bulk changed to allow contact by 3rd Parties.  Your Head Teacher will need to email us to authorise this - click here for details. 

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