Staff missing from Training Course



After you have set the training course up in Admin>Personnel>Training Courses and ticked which staff members this course relates to, there is an extra step you need to do to state that the course has been completed by them. 

 Please go to the staff member in question's profile and under "Extra Details" look for "Training" and click the little black cog icon.



Once you have clicked this, a box will pop up with some fields for you to populate. This then allows you to choose a course, add notes and state what date this was completed. To save - click insert. This entry will then show on the Training Courses report. 



If you have several members of staff who completed a course on the same day, you can also group update these completed dates in bulk. For this go to Admin>Personnel>Staff Group Updater 


Once you are in this area, scroll to the bottom of the Staff Attribute dropdown and choose "Completed Training" and click choose.


Next, choose which course you want to bulk update and choose the date in which this course was completed.


After you have selected the course, the staff members will show automatically. From here, you can tick the relevant boxes to; insert just the date of the course, insert the date and state that it is completed, just state it is completed with no date - or just make the course available to them. Once you are happy please scroll down to the very bottom and click "Update Staff" 







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