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1. Absences

Staff absences can only be added and edited by those members of staff with HR access. Staff absences are then available to view as a report in Reporting > Reports > Staff Absences.

To add a new absence click on the cog wheel in the toolbar.

Choose the date range, the absence category and the contract to which the absence applies to, then select Insert.

If your first day of absence and last day of absence is on the same day a time period option will display, allowing you to choose an AM or PM session, or alternatively both.

This absence will then be inserted into the main staff attendance table found in Admin > Personnel > Manage Staff Attendance's.

If your period of absence crosses over with a holiday the sessions column will indicate how many sessions we taken during term time and how many sessions were taken out of term time.

2. Contract Info 


Staff contracts are stored in the staff profile. Only staff members with the HR role can view or edit other staff member's contract information.
To edit a staff member's contract data, select the cog. The white cog allows you to add a new contract, the black cog allows you to edit an existing contract.

A member of staff may have more than one contract therefore you are able to scroll down to see all of the contracts on their profile and edit each individually. 

Click on the cog to edit the data and select the appropriate descriptor from the drop downs or fill the remaining areas as needed.  You will also see a record of any Spine Point changes made. 

To add a new contract select the cog next to the contract info heading. 

The fields highlighted in red are important for the census.  

You can give the contract a unique name to make it easier to identify. If the new contract is similar to an existing one then you can use the Clone Contract drop down.  

This will auto populate the new contract with information from the selected contract.  

You can then amend fields as required before pressing Insert to save the contract.


Only a contract name and start date need to be completed before the basic contract will populate the database.

You are also able to calculate a staff members annual salary automatically. 


To do this you need to populate the contract with the following information:

  • Hours per week
  • FTE Hours
  • Spine Point 
  • Working Weeks per year 

The calculation will also assume that:

  • A full working year is made up of 52.149 weeks 

The calculation then looks to see if the member of staff is either support or non-support staff as this will effect how the basic salary is calculated.

Non-Support Staff:  This uses the Spine point salary x hours per week/ FTE hours.  An example is shown below.


You can change the contract type if required and the calculated actual salary can be changed before you Accept.

Support Staff:  This calculation takes into account the number of weeks worked per year to account for any part time support staff.  Again an example is shown below.


Again, you can change the contract type if required and the calculated actual salary can be changed before you Accept.

Please Note: This information is used as part of the Workforce Census.


3. Personal Details 

Personal details allows you to enter additional information into a staff member's profile such as NI number, payroll number, ethnicity, previous name, etc. 

At the bottom of the edit personal details page is an Active drop down which allows you to edit the active or inactive status of the profile or delete the profile altogether. 


Select the cog to add or amend the information and select Update to save any changes.

Note: Items highlighted in red are important for the workforce census.

You can also add address and car details to the profile. To edit the details use the cog feature on the left hand side of the profile. 


4. Contact Details


This allows you to store details of staff members contacts. To add in a new contact you firstly click on the cog.

If the staff member does not currently have any contacts stored then you click Add New. However if they do have contacts stored, you will be able to edit or delete these contacts by clicking the relevant buttons.

When adding a new contact, there are numerous fields you can add in. Once you have entered your desired fields click Insert.

This contact will now be assigned to that member of staff. You can repeat this process to add additional contacts for staff members. To view staff contacts once they are added, click on Contact Details and you can view them in the drop down list.


5. Qualifications


This allows you to record each member of staff's qualifications. Use the cog function next to the qualification name to edit an existing qualification or select the cog next to Qualifications to add a new one to the profile.

You can add and edit the Qualification code, Subject, Award Date, Class of degree and then select Save.

The qualification subject 1 and 2 allow you to record additional information about the staff's qualification. The options available are taken from the DfE's list of approved qualifications and the list can be searched by typing in the course letter or number designator for the subject. For subjects that are not listed, there is a generic 900 series code that can be used. 


You can add multiple qualifications to a staff members profile and edit already existing ones by clicking the cog next to qualifications again. 


6. Training

You can record training courses for each member of staff on the main page of their profile. The first stage of the process is to add the training course to your school. Due to the number of training courses available, we allow each school to add courses as needed.

Select Admin > Personnel > Training to add a new course.

Once the course has been inserted, you can add the training on to a staff member's profile by selecting the cog.

From the drop down, select the course, date completed, review date and the material covered.

You are also able to edit the details of a course that has been already assigned to a member of staff by using the cog next to the course name.


7. Medical Details and Disabilities

This allows you to record any staff medical issues to their profile.  To add information select the cog icon and the Add New:


Once you have entered the details they will appear in the staff area:


8. Accidents and First Aid

The accidents and first aid sections allows you to record any accidents or incidents were first aid is required, concerning staff members.

If you click the accidents and first aid summary box in the staff members profile it will list all the incidents recored. You also have the option to edit or delete incidents using the relevant buttons shown below.


9. Dietary Requirements


This allows you to record a staff dietary requirements.  

To add a dietary requirement select the edit cog:

Once the selections have been made, a table will appear indicating the dietary restrictions.


10. Subjects Taught


The Subjects Taught area allows you to record which subjects staff teach within the school. To add in a subject just follow these steps.

Firstly click on the cog. This will then open the Subjects Taught window where you are able to input the information.

To complete this all that is needed is the Subject, the Subject hours and the Year group. Once you have entered this information click the 'Insert' button.

You can then see any of the subjects that are recorded against the staff member by clicking 'Subjects Taught' and dropping down the list. If you wish to delete any of these click on the 'X'.


11. House

The house area allows you to assign teachers to a house and assign them to a role in that house for example, head of house. The houses and responsibilities can be set up Admin > Config > Core Setup > Houses.

Click the cog next to the house summary button to assign a staff member to a house. 

12. Additional Information 

The additional information section allows you to enter any information you would like which doesn't fit in any of the other areas of the staff profile. 

Notes can be added against a member of staff's profile. The note is a simple text addition and once added, can be deleted by using the red cross next to the note. 

To add a new note, click on the cog. You can add a new note or edit an old note. Select Add New to enter a new note or Edit to change an existing entry.

Once you have added the new note, select Insert.

Please note: Only members of staff with the admin or SMT role can add or see notes placed on a member of staff's profile.


13. Staff Documents

Any staff documents that are not of a sensitive or confidential nature can be uploaded in here by clicking into the black cog next to 'Staff Documents'.



14. Confidential Tab

Only those who have the HR role you will be able to see this tab at the bottom of the Extra Details area in the staff profile.


Clicking the cogs next to either Confidential Details or Confidential Staff Documents allows you to add new information.

Any documents of a sensitive or confidential nature added to Confidential Staff Documents can only be seen by anyone with the HR user role:



15. Data Capture Form

You are able to produce a single Staff Data Capture Form from the staff profile by clicking on the PDF shown in the image below.

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