Standards Monitor

Standards can comprise of many items, such as students not bringing in homework or not wearing the correct uniform.

All standards are configurable within Admin > Config > Standards Monitor.

standards monitor setup.png

In the Student Profile

Conduct Tab > Standards

On initial selection you will see a table showing which standards have been monitored in the past and those that are currently be watched.  

Above the table you will see each standard the school has set up.

  • When you click on the standard you have the option either to initiate a period of monitoring in which case the icon will go from green to red.  
  • You can also finish a period of monitoring by click on a red standard, in which case it will go green.
  • You will also see that the table updates as you start and complete periods of monitoring. 
  • The delete button allows you to delete a monitoring record. 

standards on student profile.png


In My Subjects

Within a class under My Subjects, in the Standards Monitor area (My Subjects > Class > Standards Monitor), the columns will show the standards that have been set up by the School in Admin > Config > Standards Monitor.
  • Click the Green flag to watch a student for a standard
  • Click the Watching button to stop watching a student
my subject standards.png
When you are watching a student by a standard, this information will then appear on the Live Feed on the Dashboard.
live feed standards.png
When you change a students flag to watching, the system will count how many days the student has been watched for and will then report on this information in the student profile under the Conduct tab.
days watched on standard.png


What's next?

Read how you can report on Standards here: Standards Monitor Report and Standards Monitor Count Report

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