Blank Form for Teachers to Record Statutory Data

If you don't want to give teachers the access in Scholarpack to record Statutory data themselves, you have the to download or print a blank table with student names for them to record the data on.

If you want to allow teachers to enter their own data please refer to:

Update Settings so Teachers can enter Statutory Assessment Data

  • Go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment

  • Select which assessment you need from the dropdown, such as Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Phonics or EYFS



  • From the left, select which components are required (E.g. for KS1 select the orange ones for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science)


To select multiple components, hold down the CTRL key or CMD key if you are on a MAC, then click on the components

  • Enter the year of Result

  • Change the 'Table Format' to Blank Grid

  • Select a Year group

  • If needed, include former students

  • Click Choose

  • Using the icons in the top right hand side you can then print or download this grid. 
  • When you need to enter the results into ScholarPack, you can come back here and change the table format to 'For Data Entry' and enter the data.
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