Student Labels

You can create student label via either Admin > Students > Student Labels
OR via Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Student Labels


The first step is to click Design New Label.


In this screen enter a name for your label and select your label size. 

In this area you can print an example page to check you have selected the correct label size (it's recommended you do this on a sheet of A4 paper then check against your sheet of labels).


Once you're happy you have the correct label size click Design Label.

You will then see a list of available fields with customisable fields below on the left, a blank label in the middle and font options on the right. 

To add fields to your label simply click and drag this onto the label and drag into place. Once on the label you will see an example label to show how it will look at the bottom. 


To add a custom field click into one of the custom text boxes and type what you would like to add to the label. Then click save and drag this onto the label.


To format items on the label click the tick box to the left of the item and then select the font option from the options on the right.


If you need to remove a field from the label click the red cross at the end.

As you amend your label setup it will reflect on the example label at the bottom. If it does not show the changes straight away you can click Refresh Example Label.

The label will save automatically as you make changes. 

One you are happy with your label you can click print labels. 

Printing Labels:

You can either print labels straight after designing the label using the print label option. Alternatively you can print a previously designed label anytime by going to Admin > Students > Student Labels and selecting Print next to the label you require.


If you are unsure of which label it is you can click on View which will display the label next to this table.

(You will also see the option to edit the setup of the label and delete any labels you no longer need in this table). 


Select the Year or Form you wish to print the labels for from the drop downs, enter the number of labels to print for each student, then click Choose.

This will then show an example page and give you the option to download the labels. To do this click the Doc icon in the top right.


You can also select Year and Form groups for the next academic year if you have set these up so you can print labels for the new year. Plus you can print labels for students per House, or any Dynamic/Static group you have set up. 

Additionally you can print labels for your admissions students for more information on this please click here.

Note:  labels can also be created within the Comms area however they are non editable (click here). 

Comms labels display the following information: 

Parent/Guardian of: Student
Post Code

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