Record an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) and Funded Hours

You can log the details of an EHCP by visiting the student's Student Profile page, and then by clicking on the Support tab.

In the top-left box, you'll see the SEN (Special Educational Needs) section.


Click on the white cog symbol next to the word SEN, and you will see a table displaying any previous SEN entries.

Below that, you can click the Add New button to enter details of a new plan.


You can edit any existing entries by clicking on the Edit button next to the relevant entry in the table (if any SEN plans have previously been entered).

Please note: you will not be able to add a new SEN entry while another one remains active. To put a new SEN entry in place, simply edit the end date of the most recent active entry so that it has an end date before the present day.

Whether editing or adding SEN entries, don't forget to click the Save button when you're finished.


To record a students' funded hours, navigate to their profile and then click on the Extended tab. Scroll down to the Support information heading, and towards the end of that section you can enter the value in the SEN Funded Hours box.


Don't forget to click Save at the bottom or top of the Extended page to commit the changes to the system. 

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