Where do I record a student's First Language?

A student's First Language is recorded on their student profile, and this is a requirement for the student Census. 

A first language other than English should be recorded under 'first language' where a student was exposed to the language during early development and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or in the community. If a child was exposed to more than one language (which may include English) during early development the language other than English should be recorded, irrespective of the child's proficiency in English. 

On the student profile you may enter the First Language on the front page, at the base of the left side.


Click on the Cog and then Add New.  Select the type of Language (every student needs a First Language for the Census, but you may also wish to record a Home Language or Multiple First Language in addition to a First Language).


If a language other than English is selected, you are not able to save this language without adding an EAL Step (a pop up will alert you to this fact). 


From the EAL Steps (Official) drop down, select Step 1, then Save. This will ensure the student has an E aspect applied to them to indicate they have English as an Additional Language, and will show in reports as being EAL. This information will also be recorded in the student Census.


An alternative location to record Language information is on the student profile's Extended tab, under the Further Information banner.


Here you may also wish to record Proficiency in English (although the DfE has not required this data for Census since 2018). This information can be reported on in the student Languages/EAL Report.

If you are recording the First Language in bulk for a number of students, you may choose to go to Admin > Students > Group Updater. Select the student Year Group and set the Student Attribute to First Language. From the drop down choose a language to apply to students, and then select the students you wish to assign this First Language to. Click Update at the base of the student list in order to save the information.


If choosing to use Group Updater, remember to then apply Step 1 to the students who are EAL.


Please ensure all students with a First Language that is not English has Step 1 applied on their profile, so that your EAL figures are correct. You can check this in Reporting > Reports >Student (tab) > Languages/EAL.


When running this report, filter the Language column with 'not english' and Type column by 'first language'. Every student will need to have Step 1 applied on their profile in order to be recognised as EAL. 




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