I can't send an SMS

Step 1 - Check the contacts have been selected

Check whether your contact(s) have been added successfully. You can check this by looking under the Contact List button (you should see this statement SMS1 text to be sent in total. You've selected 1 eligible contacts for 1 student, of which 1 numbers appear to be unique).

If it states 0 go back to contacts and select them again.

Next, click on the SMS button and add your text to the box. Note that as soon as you start to type, the send button will become active ready for you to send your text.

Step 2 - Check the length of the message

Make sure your message doesn't exceed the SMS character limit (160 characters). Make your message less than 160 characters and you will be able to click the button.

You cannot amend this limit, so if you need to send a text above 160 characters, you should split this into two messages.

Step 3 - Check your access level

You need to have Comms User as a User Role on ScholarPack to send messages via Comms.

Step 4 - Check the contact details for the recipients

You may find a recipient has no phone number, or their contact details are crossed out.

Go to the student's profile, and click the cog next to their contact's name.

  • Ensure the information is correct - if any amendments are made, click Save at the base of the contact details.
  • Ensure the contact has a correct Contact Order applied (all comms default to contact 1, but comms can be sent to any contact number if selected). If there is no contact order number, the contact will not pull through to Admin > Comms
  • Make sure the Responsibility and Permission to Take Home fields for a contact have a value. 
  • Check that there is a mobile phone number entered (assigned to M for mobile, as opposed to H for home. Click on edit to amend the Telephone Type if required.
  • Confirm the Allow Contact By fields at the base of the contact details has a Yes entry.

Step 5 - Check the student details

If a student is in a year group that doesn't have an academic year set up, you won't be able to send SMS. For example, if a student is in -2 (first year of nursery) and you have no academic year set up for -2, the student's contacts won't show in Admin > Comms.

Ensure the student is in a year group that is entered in Admin > Config > Core Setup > Years. Enter the year group here, and then you can view the student in the Comms area. 

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