Why does In Care information not autofill in the Pupil Transfer Form?


Question - Why does In Care information not autofill in the Pupil Transfer Form?


Answer - Although certain information does autofill in the Pupil Transfer Form (e.g. FSM, Pupil Premium etc.), the In Care information does not. This is for safeguarding purposes. Many areas of the report need to be manually filled, and this is one of those areas (to protect student confidentiality).

Pupil Transfer Form


Reporting > Reports> Pupil Transfer Form

What does the report display?

This report shows key student details that are useful when a student is moving school. 

How do I filter this report?

The filters available when running this report are:

  • Group (this includes Year groups, Key Stage groups, Dynamic and Static groups and any set Intervention groups) 
  • Forms (all form groups)
  • There is an option to include and exclude current, former and future Students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll)

Note: the Group and Form filters may be applied simultaneously. Leave the filters blank to select the whole school.

Click Choose to produce the report.

 Below is a section of the Pupil Transfer form as an example.

How do I export this data?

Exporting your data allows you to print, save, or further edit the information on screen. To do so, click this icon (in the top-right corner): 


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