Why does the CTF not match with the student record?

When a CTF does not find a match with the student record you have added manually it will usually be because the basic details do not match. 

When importing a CTF ScholarPack will match on UPN first, then full name and date of birth. You can see what details the CTF contains in when importing. For example:


If you were to click Enroll this would create a new student record.


If you have entered basic student details and their upn (obtained from their previous school) for registration purposes, you would click Merge and tick any of the options from A-K you may require.


Import Issues

Go to the profile of the student and check the details on the Extended Tab. In this example we can see the spelling of the name differs:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 135940.jpg

Also if there is a space entered at the end of the name this can result in the name not matching. Other items to check are the UPN (if added) and the date of birth.

Correct this to match the CTF and click Save at the bottom.

If the information entered manually is correct and the CTF is not you can edit this to match the CTF, import the CTF and correct the information again afterwards.

After correcting the information return to Admin > Students > Full ATF/CTF Importer and click Continue With Student Import.

You should now see that the file matches:

You can now check the items you wish to import/overwrite and click Merge Record

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