Which reports show student's legal surname rather than preferred surname?

In ScholarPack most reports will display a student's preferred name, but there are a number of reports where the student's legal name appears:

Reporting>Reports>Student Reports:  Email Addresses, On Roll by Date, Permissions

Reporting>Reports>Attendance Reports: 

Cumulative Student Timeline (weekly) - select students by preferred name, report shows legal name

Attendance Comparisons for Two Date Ranges, Concerns by Day, Late Pickups

Reporting>Reports>Support Reports:

Confidential Support Log (legal name in dropdown but the name in the report is the preferred name)

Conduct reports

Reporting>Custom Report

Reporting>Assessment Reports:

Geographical Tracker (when click on the bar chart to list students, legal name appears)

On Track (Standard, Extended, by Checkpoints, by Cohorts, REA/WRI/MAT): click on the number of students and the legal name appears

Progress Tracker, Simple Tracker, Tracker, Transition Matrix

EYO Class Statements

EYO Student Statements: preferred name in the dropdown, legal name in the report

EYO Individual Student: preferred name in the dropdown, legal name in the report

EYFS Simple Tracker

Statutory Reports 

Reporting>Data Digger

Reporting>Data Playground

Admin>Classes: legal name shown when setting up classes

Admin>Meals: Bulk Student Lunches, Student Payment Audit

Admin>Students>Group Updater - preferred forename and legal surname

Admin>Students>Manage Permissions

Admin>Students>Assessment Checkpoints

Admin>Students EYFS Assessment Checkpoints

Admin>Students>Student Targets

My Subjects: Summative & Formative Markbooks

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