Parents or Staff not receiving emails or email is sent to the wrong email address

If a user reports that they are not receiving emails sent to them by school, there are a couple of things you can check before contacting Support.

Step 1 - Check the contact information

Please check that the email address is correctly entered, with no gaps, no space at the end or strange characters?

For parents, guardians and contacts, please also check:

  • Is there a Contact Order? If this field is blank, they will not be able to receive comms.
  • Have they got 'Allow Contact by Email' set to Yes?
  • Is there a value of Yes or No in 'Responsibility' (Parental Responsibility) and 'Permission to Take Home'? If these are missing it causes issues with Comms and need completing.

Step 2 - Check the provider

If the user has a Gmail email address, please note this will ignore any dot, full stop or period in the email address. and is the same email address in Gmail.

As this is a Gmail feature, we are unable to resolve this at ScholarPack.

You can see further details on Google's help site here: Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses

Step 3 - Spam / Junk Folder

  • Ask the user to check their email junk/spam folder, in case the message was automatically routed there. 
  • They may also want to check their blocked senders or domains list in their email account settings. This will differ depending on their email provider.

Step 4 - Full inbox

Ask the user to clear out some messages in their inbox. For example, an icloud email inbox has limited storage so messages cannot be delivered if it's full. 

Step 5 - Email Suppressions

If you have completed the above steps and are satisfied with these checks, please contact the ScholarPack support team with the user's name, email address and (for parents, guardians and contacts) the student they are linked to.

We can check if there is a suppression on their email address. Suppressions occur when:

  • the user has marked a previous email from your school as spam, which means no further emails will be received.
  • their mailbox is full or over quota so the email has bounced back and cannot be delivered (we find this happens a lot with iCloud email accounts).

If we find a suppression we can remove it and within 48 hours the user should receive new school emails (but not historic ones).

NOTE: If your school does not receive support directly from ScholarPack, you will need to raise this with your Support Partner who will escalate it on your behalf.

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