Why isn't a parent receiving school emails?

If a student's parent/guardian reports that they are not receiving school emails, there are some checks you can undertake prior to calling the Support Team.

On the student profile, within the Contact's information, check the following:

Is there a Contact Order? If this field is blank, they will not be able to receive comms
Is the email address correctly entered, with no gaps or strange characters?
Have they got Allow Contact by Email set to Yes?
Is there a value of Yes or No in Responsibility and Permission to Take Home (if no entry they may not receive comms)

Ask the contact if they have checked their email spam folder, in case the message was automatically routed there. It is advised for a parent to enter the school email address as a contact to avoid any emails being sent to their spam folder.

If satisfied with these checks, please contact support@scholarpack.com with the contact name, their email address and the student they are linked to, so we can check why the emails are not received.

The most common reason for not receiving a school email is that the parent has marked a previous email as spam, which means no further emails will be dispatched, or that their mailbox is full so the email has bounced. We can remove the email address from the suppressions list and within 48 hours the contact will receive new school emails (but not historic ones).


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