Why am I getting so many Spring Census errors and queries?

After running the calculate option in the spring census you may get far more errors and queries than you are expecting. This may be due to not completing the manual entries for the tables on the main screen. These will all show in red text, in the table for:

Spring Census Specific Data

Please complete the manual tables, checking your errors/queries as you go along by clicking on the calculate button.

School Lunch Taken can only be filled in after morning registers are taken, as the attendance codes are needed to show who is in school to have a meal in years Reception, 1 and 2 (Universal Free School Meals). 

Tick all students who had a school meal on census day and click on save. You can bulk enter these using the Pre-Populate button at the bottom of the page, which automatically assigns meals to those with a present code that day, then untick those meals not taken (e.g. home packed lunch).

If the situation at lunchtime was in some way unusual on census day then use the figures for the next normal day. Schools can use the next normal day, an earlier day in census week or another day that reflects the normal situation. Where other days or times are used, schools must record these for audit purposes.
Note: pupils must be recorded as not having taken a school lunch if they are absent for other reasons not connected to coronavirus.

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