Add a Doctor as a Contact to a Student Profile

Students have Doctor's details added in the same way as other Student Contacts. On the student profile click onto the cog next to Contact Information.  


If the Doctor belongs to a medical practice that is common amongst your students, you may wish to add it as a linked contact. Enter the name of the Doctor or Medical Practice in the search box:


You will see all the students linked to this Medical Practice. To add this contact to the student profile, click on Update in the Update Student Contacts column.


Here you will enter the Relationship as Doctor, and ensure all the boxes have data input. Usually on ScholarPack, the Doctor is placed as Contact 10. Click Allocate to Save the data.  

NOTE: If a Doctor is added as a linked contact, do not edit the details on the student profile as it will change it for all linked students. If the student moves medical practice, you will need to delete the contact and set up the new doctor's details on their profile. 

If the Doctor's surgery is not attended by other students, or you do not wish to link this contact information, click the green Add New button to add the new contact details.


When adding the contact for a Doctor ensure the contact order is set to 10 and the relationship is set to Doctor.  The Doctor relationship ensures the details feed through to the student Data Check, A5 index card, Emergency Contacts Report, as well as the Doctor's Report.  If you do not know the doctor's name, then you can just enter a full stop, or space bar, in those fields, which the computer will regard as a character (they are essential fields to input data prior to saving).

Click 'Add Contact' which will take you back to the student's profile which will now display the new contact. 

Note: If adding a Dentist, you would set the contact order to 11 and the relationship to Doctor, so it can appear in the certain reports as a medical contact.


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