Using the Full ATF/CTF Importer

The CTFs (Common Transfer Files) containing new student data are uploaded to your ScholarPack software at Admin > Students > Full ATF/CTF Importer. 


Within the CTF Importer area, you click on Add/Merge Students from CTF/ATF


You then select Choose File to browse the file location on your computer


A Pop-up screen appears enabling you to select the file, click Open and then Upload File

If you have already created a profile for the student with their UPN, the software will find a match (see below)


Before importing the file, check the table (CTF Importer Column Legend, see below) which holds a key to the letters in the table. There may be additional information in the CTF that you have not input on your record (eg. additional contacts), so you need to select them. Or there may be data you wish to overwrite as the CTF holds more recent information. Tick the box next to the letter(s) for the data you wish to upload in the student table. After that click on Merge Record, then Finish Import.


When there are multiple students on the CTF you will need to Merge Record for each individual then Finish Import.

If there is no match found, but you have entered a temporary profile for the student, copy and paste the UPN in the CTF to the extended tab for this student. Return to the CTF import area and you will find it has matched. This is advisable to avoid any duplicate student profile being created. 

If there is not a record on your system for this student, you have the option to Enrol the student (instead of Merge Record), followed by Finish Import. 

If you have already imported a CTF for that student you get a warning showing a UPN match and the date the file was previously imported. Contact the ScholarPack support desk and we can help you reset the CTF, as you may need to re-import it as data is missing (instructions here).

By selecting A-Admissions Student, the student(s) profile will not be given that day as an entry date but they can be found in the Admin > Students > Admissions area ready for you to assign in bulk a year/form/entry date. This usually applies to the students uploaded at the end of one school year, ready to start the next academic year.


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