Record a Suspension or Exclusion

When a student is suspended (formerly called a fixed period exclusion), the E attendance code needs to be entered in the register to show they are Excluded, and an entry needs to be made on the student profile's Conduct Tab.

Add a Suspension or Permanent Exclusion

Open the students profile > Conduct Tab.  Once here, select Exclusions from the left


Click on Add to record the exclusion.


Important note on terminology

In the 2021-2022 Academic Year, the term 'Suspension' replaced the term 'Fixed Period Exclusion'. Fixed Period is now greyed out and cannot be selected




Up to three reasons can be provided for a student's exclusion, selected from the dropdown under Reason, Reason 2 (optional) and Reason 3 (optional).  The aim is to remove the category of 'Other' to explain the reason for the exclusion. 

The number of sessions equate to AM or PM, so a one day exclusion would be 2 sessions. 

Lunchtime exclusions can also be entered here, this data is for school use only and is not collected by the student census, plus does not affect student attendance.



Permanent Exclusions

Please do not enter an end date for a permanent exclusion, as is it expected that the student will then be off rolled and leave the school.


Add an Internal Exclusion as an incident

This can be done from the conduct tab on the student profile. For full details, please see this article: Record and Report on Internal Exclusions


Exclusion Reasons

The reasons will translate into one of a number of exclusion codes, which are DfE defined and collected during the Student Census.

Schools are unable to add their own reasons.

Exclusion Code

Pupil Exclusion Reason



Use or threat of use of an offensive weapon or prohibited item

Carrying or bringing onto the school site an offensive weapon / prohibited item such as knives, sharp instruments and BB guns,

Carrying any article that has been or is likely to be used to commit an offence, cause personal injury or damage to property

Use of an offensive weapon


Abuse against sexual orientation and gender identity

Derogatory statements about sexual orientation (e.g. heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual) and gender identity (e.g. transgender)

Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying

LGBT+ graffiti

LGBT+ taunting and harassment

Swearing that can be attributed to LGBT+ characteristics


Abuse relating to disability

Derogatory statements or swearing about a disability

Bullying related to disability

Disability related graffiti,

Disability related taunting and harassment


Inappropriate use of social media or online technology

Sharing of inappropriate images (of adult or pupil)

Cyber bullying or threatening behaviour online

Organising or facilitating criminal behaviour using social media


Wilful and repeated transgression of protective measures in place to protect public health


Deliberate breaching of protective measures such as (but not limited to): non-compliance with social distancing, causing distress such as through purposefully coughing very near to other pupils or adults, or any other deliberate breach of public health protective measures which the school has adopted.


Physical assault against pupil


Violent behaviour


Obstruction and jostling


Physical assault against adult

Violent behaviour


Obstruction and jostling


Verbal abuse / threatening behaviour against pupil

Threatened violence

Aggressive behaviour


Verbal intimidation


Verbal abuse / threatening behaviour against adult

Threatened violence

Aggressive behaviour


Verbal intimidation



Verbal, physical, cyber bullying or threatening behaviour online, racist bullying, sexual bullying, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, bullying related to disability



Racist abuse

Racist taunting and harassment

Derogatory racist statements

Swearing that can be attributed to racist characteristics

Racist bullying

Racist graffiti


Sexual misconduct

Sexual abuse

Sexual assault

Sexual harassment

Lewd behaviour

Sexual bullying

Sexual graffiti


Drug and alcohol related

Possession of illegal drugs

Inappropriate use of prescribed drugs

Drug dealing


Alcohol abuse

Substance abuse


Damage to property

Damage includes damage to school or personal property belonging to any member of the school community






Stealing school property

Stealing personal property (pupil or adult)

Stealing from local shops on a school outing

Selling and dealing in stolen property


Persistent or general disruptive behaviour

Challenging behaviour


Persistent violation of school rules

Raising of fire alarms falsely



What's next?

You can see how to report on these exclusions here: Exclusions Report

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