Getting Your Team Ready For Change

This guide is for Primary Schools moving to ScholarPack. 


One of the best parts of moving to ScholarPack is the opportunity to make useful changes to the way that your school works! A change of management system can be a springboard for transformation and improvement for everyone! 

But while change is exciting, it can also be a challenge. You might find that some of your team are resistant to the change.

They might be worried about:

  • having to learn a new system, or a new way of working. This is often the case if they've used your current MIS for a long time.
  • new software making them redundant, especially if you've chosen ScholarPack to become more efficient.
  • having time to adapt to the change alongside the pressures of their day-to-day job. 
  • losing data or reports that they have spent time building. 

The best way to address these anxieties is with open, consistent communication that makes the benefits of change clear. 


How do I get my team ready for change? 


1. Make them aware of the need for change. 

The first step to getting everyone onboard with your move to ScholarPack is making sure they understand they're aware of the need for change. 

Add ScholarPack to the agenda of your next staff meeting or send an email update, making sure you include: 

  • Why you need to make the change (e.g. limitations of current system, opportunities opened up by switching)
  • What will happen if we don't make the change?
  • When will the change happen? (e.g. last date using your current MIS, first day on ScholarPack, process, migration date etc..)

Note: You can increase buy-in from staff by making sure that your Head Teacher and SLT are engaged in the implementation of ScholarPack. 


2. Get them excited for change!

Try to show your team how the move to ScholarPack will benefit the school and - just as importantly - them individually. 
Make sure they can answer the question 'What's in it for me?' - that'll help them to feel engaged and invested in the change. 


3. Make sure they have the time to learn.

Now that you've got everyone excited for the switch, they need to learn how to use the new system.

Make sure that they time to undertake training, watch videos and read any Quick start guides.


4. Ask plenty of questions, and encourage your team to do the same!

You're likely to have plenty of questions as you start to use ScholarPack, and you should make sure everyone has opportunities to ask them.

As you train, and for your first few weeks using ScholarPack, you should meet at least every few days with your team to review how things are going, and share any feedback or problems. If there are any you can't help each other with, contact our friendly onboarding team for help!

Note: Encourage your team to ask each other 'Why do we do it that way?' Sometimes, it can be better to change a process to make the most of a the new system.




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