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The Central Register contains all of the essential information required by the government for child protection. It is fully statutory compliant. In addition to this, it can be customised to meet your needs and requirements.

The register allows you to store details for non contracted personnel such as governors or external contractors. As the register is customisable, these details do not have to be the same as those required for contracted staff members.

There are three areas in the Central Register:

  • View: This is the main register area. You can see any data currently stored for a staff member, as well as add, update, and delete values.
  • Manage Data Items: This area allows you to configure the data you wish to collect for contracted or non contracted personnel.
  • Manage Non-Contracted Personnel: This area allows you to store details of contractors or governors who are not in ScholarPack, and therefore do not have a contract (those who may visit the school but are not employed directly).



In order to use the central register, users will need the appropriate roles. These can be assigned to members of staff through their profile (Admin > Personnel > Staff). These roles are called Central Register Editor and Central Register Viewer. 


In order to assign these roles, the member of staff receiving them has to have the Admin role. If a member of staff does not have the Admin role, you will not be able to select the central register roles.


The Central Register Editor role allows users to add, edit, and delete values and data items, as well as any non contracted personnel. If you do not want a user to be able to do this, do not give them this role.

The Central Register Viewer role allows staff members read only access to the View area only. Users with this role cannot see the Manage Data Items or Manage Non Contracted Personnel areas, and they cannot change any data. Users with this read only mode will be presented with the following view:



This area allows you to view and edit any existing data stored for any personnel (whether contracted or not). It splits staff members into several categories (in addition to non contracted personnel):

  • Teaching Personnel
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Other Personnel

Personnel can be viewed by active, inactive, or both by using the active/inactive selector:


There are several items that are pulled automatically from the staff profile and cannot be modified through the Central Register:

  • Staff Details
  • Address
  • Role
  • QTS
  • School Start Date



To add or edit any stored data (providing it has been correctly created through Manage Data Items, below, and you have edit access), click on the cell corresponding to the staff member and data item you wish to edit.

You will be presented with different options depending on the data type of the data item. These data types are:

  • Date: In the format DD/MM/YYYY
  • Text: Free text entry. If very long text is entered in here, it will not all be visible until you go to edit the data again.
  • Yes/No: A simple yes/no drop down.

When editing data, there are three common icons available:

  • new_scr4.PNG Green Tick:  Save any changes you have made
  • new_scr5.PNG Red Cross:  Exit the editing window without saving any changes.
  • new_scr6.PNG Bin: Delete this entry entirely.
  • new_scr7.PNG The date type has an additional calendar icon which will open the data picker, allowing you to choose a date from a calendar.



When saving any data, you may be presented with an error message if the data is in an appropriate format, or there has been a problem saving:


The final column is called 'Actions'.  It contains a history icon:


This will take you to the Entry History page. This will show you any changes made to a staff member's record, along with the date and time the change was made, and who it was changed by. 


Manage Data Items

This area allows you to configure the data you wish to collect for contracted or non contracted personnel. You can add, edit, delete, or hide any data item.


To add a new data item to the central register, the area above the table allows you to enter:

  • Name: The name of the data item, which will appear as the column header in the view area.
  • Data Type: The format of the data you wish to record (Date, Text, Yes/No).
  • Expiry: An optional number number of months used to ensure any values entered do not fall outside of this range. Applies to data types of date only. Any dates entered for this data item will go red if they are older than the number of months specified here.
  • Required: This will place an asterisk by the name in the view area to highlight that this is a required field.
  • Personnel Type: Apply this data item only to specific groups of staff (contracted or non contracted).

The final stage is to 'Add' the data item, which will complete the process.

Existing data items can be seen in the table. They can be modified using  the buttons in the actions column.

The 'Actions' column allows you to edit, delete or show/hide the data item.

  • new_scr6.PNG Bin: This will delete the data item. Any data items with values already present for staff cannot be deleted.
  • new_scr10.PNG Pencil: This allows you to edit the selected data item. It's not possible to modify the data type once an item has been created.
  • new_scr11.PNG Show/Hide: This button will show or hide any data item from the tables in the View area. Hidden items will not appear in the view area. Hidden items are indicated as follows.



It is important to add that you can only order unlocked data items from the tables in the View area. You can do this by going into the Manage Data Items area, clicking the pencil next to the relevant data item and putting a letter or number in front of the name of the data item. Once you have done this, you click the 'Save' button.

Manage Non-Contracted Personnel

This area allows you to add and edit any non contracted personnel. There may be people who only occasionally visit the school. They are only accessible in the central register, and they can have data items set specifically for them via the Manage Data Items area. Data items configured for contracted personnel will not be accessible for non contracted personnel.


You can add basic contract details, along with their staff type, and if they are active or not. Once they have data items configured, they will show up in the 'Non Contracted Personnel' table in the View area. 

Removing staff from the SCR

To remove a Non-Contracted Personnel and delete them from the Central Register, click the bin icon.


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