How to record school closure for the Royal Funeral Bank Holiday

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a period of National Mourning has started which will continue until the State Funeral on Monday 19th September. 

Schools are expected to remain open during the period of mourning, although Headteachers have the power to authorise leave of absence for students in exceptional circumstances. 

The official date of the State Funeral will be a Bank Holiday and schools are not expected to remain open on this date. As with other Bank Holidays, it is at the discretion of the individual settings for Early Years whether they close or remain open, but there is no expectation for Early Years and childcare settings to remain open on a Bank Holiday.  Please refer to the Department for Education document: National Mourning Advisory Education Guidance

To record school closure for a Bank Holiday, go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > Holidays


At the base of the page, enter the Holiday as a Bank Holiday, and input the start and end dates as 19/09/2022. Click Add Holiday in order to apply the Code # in registers on that day.



You may wish to refer to this guidance on recording unexpected school closures, as it provides information regarding Meals and Clubs if you use these modules in ScholarPack: Recording an Unexpected School Closure.





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