Register (Teacher Register)


Teachers will take an attendance register for students by clicking on Home > Register

Clicking the Register button takes you to a page where you can select what type of register to take, by Form or Assessment Class (if you have configured registers that way).


To take a register by the Assessment class grouping, you will need to enable this within Admin > Config > Register Config, and only if you use STEPS assessment classes as set up in Admin > Classes. Only a teacher assigned to the assessment class will be able to take a register for that assessment class. 

To allocate a staff member to a register, please go to Admin > Config > Tutors. Once assigned to a Form, the form name will appear under My Form for ease of access when the teacher is logged into ScholarPack. 


Within here you are able to assign form groups to teachers and manage any groups they are currently assigned to.

Registering a class

Registers are either POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY marked.  If positively marked, then all students are assumed to be present, unless you mark them as absent or late and you simply need to press Submit Register to complete your register.

If your register is negatively marked, then you need to mark a student as present/absent or late. You will not be able to submit the register if a student does not have one of the attendance options selected. A warning message will keep appearing reading 'Please specify an attendance code for all students' until all children have a mark.

If you wish, teachers are able to take a complex register which allows them to choose from all DfE attendance code sets. This can be set up by a member of the admin team within Admin > Config > Register Config.



Once an attendance code has been selected, you can click to Undo your selection if an error is made.

The icon for each session is a semi-circle and will be coloured as follows:

Green:  Present

Orange:  Late

Red: Absent

 You can also add a note for each student. Once the note has been added click Save.


The feet icon next to a student's name indicates any students who travel to school unescorted. Screen_Shot_2017-05-22_at_09.44.28.png

Letters are an indication of any aspects recorded. For example; a green Screen_Shot_2017-05-22_at_09.47.04.png  informs you that this student has a medical condition and if you hover over the letter it will tell you what this indicates.

Clicking on a student's name will allow you to view additional information including contacts, dietary and medical details.  


When you have finished, click Submit Register at the bottom of the page to save the registration details. You will be asked whether you are sure you wish to submit the results, click OK if you are and Cancel if you wish to make more amendments.

Finally, you will be shown the completed register. Clicking in the cell next to each student's name gives you another chance to add registration notes for that student.

Note: The PM register opens at 12pm in Home > Register, so after this time the AM register can only be taken in Register > Manage Register.

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