Error message when clicking on a student's extended tab

If a student does not have an academic year assigned to them, you will receive an error message when accessing the student profile's Extended Tab (as below) :




The error code will change each time you try. 
Check the front of the student profile to see if there is an academic year assigned to the student. 



If there is no year group, go to Admin > Students > Admissions and click into the Current Year cell in order to place the student in the correct Year Group. 




This will autosave. You can then navigate back the the student profile by clicking on the student's surname. 

Note: If the student is not displaying in the Admissions area, go to Admin > Students > Group Updater.

Set it to All Years and All Groups, with the Student Attribute Current Year Group.  Click Choose to run this report. 


Hold down the Ctrl and F keys (simultaneously) in order to open a search the box, and search the page for 'None'.

Use the arrows to identify each entry on the page, which will be highlighted. 




Tick to select this student. 



Above the list of student names, select the academic year from the dropdown, then click Update at the base of the page to assign this year to the student. 



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