COVID-19 - Covid Attendance Codes for academic year 2021

Update: August 2022:

For the academic year 2022-2023 the I02 attendance code has been withdrawn. Please view Registration Codes for the codes which are statutory in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Update: 19th April 2022

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced that for the Summer Term of academic year 2021 the X sub codes are to be withdrawn

In line with the transition to living with COVID-19, the DfE no longer advises schools to record pupils who do not attend for reasons related to COVID-19 using Code X. Pupils with symptoms of COVID-19 are no longer advised to get a test, and most of the scenarios that this category was brought in to record no longer apply.

Pupils who have symptoms of COVID-19 should follow the latest government guidance about when they should stay at home.

Where a pupil is not attending because they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had a positive test, schools should record this using Code I (illness) unless another more appropriate code applies.

Schools may continue to use the sub-code (I02) to record illness due to suspected COVID-19 although they are not required to.

You can find the full DfE guidance HERE

If you require further advice on which attendance codes to use for your students, please refer to your Local Authority or Trust leaders.


August 2021

The DfE has updated the Covid-19 attendance sub-codes to be used for the 2021 Academic Year, to help schools complete the educational settings status form. The Covid Attendance Figures report has been amended to reflect these new codes.


Two new codes have been released:

X08 - Not attending in response to outbreak management

X09 - Self-isolating: close contact required to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

There is no requirement for children or young people under the age of 18 years and 6
months, regardless of their vaccine status, to self-isolate whilst awaiting the results of their PCR test where they have been a close contact. The X09 code therefore is for students older than 18 years and 6 months.

Two former X sub-codes have now been archived and are no longer available for use:

X03 - Self-isolating: contact inside school

X04 - Self-isolating: contact outside school


For further information, please refer to the DfE guidance: Non-Attendance Related to Coronavirus. (withdrawn August 2022)

The Covid-19 Attendance Figures report has been updated to comply with the new X sub categories. 

For information regarding the Covid-19 Attendance Codes for the 2020 Academic Year click here (article withdrawn 2022/2023 academic year)



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