Interventions Reports

You are able to create Intervention Reports by going to Workspace>Interventions>Reports

Here you have a selection of reports based around the students within the intervention group.  There are 7 reports in total.


Group Conduct All Years


This will show the conduct of the students who make up the intervention group. First select either all the students in the group, or the individual.


You will then see a colour coded bar chart that will show all the conduct areas for the group of students and the yellow area on the chart is the period that the intervention has been in place.


Group Attendance All Year


This will show the school attendance for the students within a selected intervention group.  It will show their weekly attendance, their cumulative attendance and when the whole group is selected, the cumulative attendance at the intervention.


Group Assessment All Year


This allows you to view how the students within an intervention group have been assessed in core subjects within the school.  You can select the subject and student/group.


This graphs shows the progress graph with each coloured circle around the CheckPoint representing levels of progress.

Brown: 1 point progress

Green: 2 points progress


Specific Intervention Assessment


This will show the assessment data collected during the intervention periods. It can be viewed as either a graph or table. Selected the intervention group and the student or group.



Student Intervention Timeline


This will show when an individual joined an intervention group, each attendance recorded and any assessment and notes. 


To view the details of each session , click on the session.  This will expand to show any notes recorded and assessment data.


You can selected to expand all sessions using the 'Expand All Dates' button.


Simple Provision Map


This table shows details of each provision, with the option to view the cost and detail of the provision, including review date.


By using the hide/show buttons you can view more information about the provisions.


Complex Provision Map


This gives more detail on the provision; including weeks completed of the provision (duration), school attendance data for each student, the calculated cost per student based on their planned attendance and their language.



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