How can I create a group in Comms for students I send regular emails to?

To create a student group in Comms for sending regular emails, go to Admin > Comms

On the left hand side of this page you will see a "Student Search" dropdown. Use this to find the students you wish to create a group for. As you select each student name, their details will appear in the middle of the screen. 


Once you have chosen all the students and they are shown on the page with their details, click the green button that says "Save Group".


Choose a name for the group and click save.

NOTE: If you have groups saved in Comms already, you will get the option to update an existing group. This will not add the students, but replace the existing saved group with these student names.  If you wish to make these students additional members, please select all members of the existing group as well as the new members, prior to updating the group.


In order to create a staff group in Comms, click "Staff" above the student search and repeat these steps with individual staff members. 


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