Error 1140: Class year group is missing, or invalid for this phase of school


The error indicates that a year group recorded against a class in Admin > Census > Spring Census > Class Details is missing, or invalid for the phase of school recorded in the school information area. 



The valid year groups for each phase of school are as follows:

  • Primary (PS) years: E1 (-4), E2 (-3), N1 (-2), N2 (-1), R (0), 1-7 or mixed (M)
  • Middle (deemed primary) (MP) years: 4-9 or mixed (M)
  • Middle (deemed secondary) (years: 4-9 or mixed (M)
  • Secondary (SS) year: 6-14 or mixed (M)
  • All-through (AT)years: E1 (-4), E2 (-3), N1 (-2), N2 (-1), R (0), 1-14 or mixed (M)

To amend the year group go to Admin > Census > Spring Census > Class Details and click the little pencil in the actions column at the end of the class you need to edit.


Once you have update the year group ensure to click the little tick in the action to save:


If the year group is correct it may be that the school phase needs amending to do this go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > School > Edit. Select the correct school phase from the drop down and click update at the bottom to save.


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