Error 4540: If staff member is not paid by a Daily Rate then Base Pay must be provided


This error arises for a number of different reasons:

According to the DfE, payment by a Daily Rate is only for an agency / service agreement teacher and it shows if a third party, such as a supply agency or the local authority, is being paid a daily rate for the teacher.

If 'yes' is entered then there is no need to provide any other salary information such as pay range, category of additional payment, additional payment amount or base pay or any information on how the agency pays the teacher. It is also not necessary to provide weeks per year, but hours worked per week and FTE hours per week must be provided.

Check the staff members contract type.  In the example below the Contract Type is set as Temporary/Open Ended, but the staff member is set as having a Daily Rate. 

If it is a Service agreement or agency contact, this contract type needs changing.  Otherwise, the Daily Rate needs to be set to No, and an estimate provided for the annual salary, from the average number of hours to be worked, and the figure entered in Base Pay area.



The Error will also arise if the staff contract was set to No for Daily Rate, but no Base Pay figure was entered. In this situation, you will need to enter the annual salary received, for the hours worked. 


The Base Pay needs to be entered for all contracts which are not Service Agreements paid on a daily rate. 



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