FSM contacts report for Government Support Funding or Vouchers

If you need to create a report showing FSM eligible students and their parent/carer contact details for the purpose of distributing government support funding, you can do this two ways in Scholarpack.

Option 1 - Custom Report


Go to Reporting > Custom Report > New Report.

On the right hand side under Display Columns, click on the General tab and tick the boxes for Contact 1 and Address -

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.51.14.png


Then click on the Support tab and tick FSM Eligible before clicking Run Report at the bottom - 

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.51.41.png

This will bring back all FSM eligible students, including any with a FSM end date in the future.  This report can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF using the icons in the top right.


If you have students with more than one contact 1, you will need to amend/remove the data in your export to show just the main contact name you want.

You can save the report by naming it and using 'Save Report Definition' to run in the future.



Option 2 - FSM Data Export

In Autumn 2020 during Covid-19, we built a specific data export to help schools generate an email list that could be used in conjunction with the governments Winter Grant Scheme to issue supermarket food vouchers for FSM eligible households. The Winter Grant Scheme came to an end Summer 2021 and the Household Support Fund took over, but the report can still be used in Scholarpack to create an email list.

The export includes:

  • UPN
  • Student First Name
  • Student Surname
  • Year Group
  • Contact Relationship
  • Contact Order Number
  • Responsibility
  • Recipient First Name
  • Recipient Last Name
  • Recipient Email Address

It also has three blank columns at the end for schools to record additional data if needed:

  • Amount
  • Message
  • Audit Number

NOTE: The export will show Contact 1 and Contact 2 for students.  If you would like one contact email per students please go through the spreadsheet and delete any rows not needed.

To generate this export go to Admin > Config > Date Exports and search for FSM. 

Select the export called "FSM Eligible Student Contact Details sp_supermarkert_vouchers.csv".
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Generate CSV."
Open the spreadsheet and delete any rows that are not necessary. To do this right click on the number of the row to be removed and click "Delete"
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