Query 4017Q: Students with 15 or more tuition hours

This query will only flag in the autumn census. It will be triggered for any student with more that 15 hours of School-Led Tutoring.

Check student hours are correct

Have previous term’s hours of tuition been included? Only the number of hours of tuition provided from the beginning of the autumn term to census day should be returned.

To check or amend student school-led tutoring hours go to Admin > Students > Group Updater

Change the Student Attribute to 'School-led Tutoring hours' - 



Check the list of students and the 'Present value' column which shows the number of hours currently showing in their record in red.

If you need to amend any hours, select the student and enter the new value in the white box on the right, scroll down to the bottom and click Update Students.


The system will flag any student with a numerical amount as being in receipt of school-led tutoring, even if this is 0 hours. 

If you have students who haven't had any hours, please leave them blank. If you enter 0 in error, please contact Scholarpack Support who can remove all 0 hours for you.


For more information on School-led Tutoring please see - How do we record data for the School-Led Tutoring Programme and report on it?

For more information on the student Group Updater please see -  Group Updater

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