What Happens During My Data Migration from Integris?

This article is for any school moving from the Integris MIS platform to the ScholarPack MIS platform. 




Migration of your data into ScholarPack is important and will be handled with the upmost safety and security. Note: For migration troubleshooting please click HERE or go to the bottom of this article. 


Moving from Integris to ScholarPack


  • What does my migration look like? 

You will have booked your migration date with one of our Sales Representatives during your initial call, before beginning your 8 week onboarding journey (starting 24 days before this agreed upon date). At the start of this journey you will begin receiving weekly emails containing your migration time slot, information and top tips. Once the date you booked has come, a member of the migration team will call you at the provided time and start the process of extracting your data via TeamViewer. You will need to have your Super Admin credentials at the ready - these credentials will have all permissions assigned to it. If you're unsure what your Super Admin credentials are, please contact Integris and they will be happy to advise. 

For more information regarding what is involved during your 8 week journey, please see the articles below: 

Weeks 1-4

Weeks 5-8

  • How do I provide ScholarPack with my Super Admin log in credentials?

Our data team will call you on the phone at the provided time on your selected day, then remote onto your desktop via TeamViewer on your agreed migration date/time and they will talk you through the next steps. 

  • What is TeamViewer? 

TeamViewer is a remote access and remote control computer software, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices. For more information, please see the TeamViewer website HERE.

  • What happens next?

Once your data extraction is complete, the ScholarPack Onboarding team will check your site and release it to you via email with instructions on how to log in for the first time. 



  • Why are some of my staff missing?

If the staff member did not have an NI Number present on their profile in your previous MIS they they will not migrate. 

  • Why are some of my staff absences missing? 

If the staff absence did not have both a 'Start Date' and 'End Date' entered then this will not migrate. 

  • How do I find my data afterwards?

Your data can be found throughout ScholarPack, however, for a detailed guide on the areas you can locate each piece of migrated data, please use the guide HERE

  • If there is data missing and it should be there, what do I do?

Please contact your support team; this will either be ScholarPack or a 3rd party, depending on your school. If you are unsure who your support team are, please go to the 'Support' option located at the top right of your ScholarPack dashboard.

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