Record School Time for Census

This is required in the Spring School Census and records the total compulsory time pupils spend in school, in a typical 5 day week. Where provided, this must be recorded to 2 decimal places.

  • Example: where a school is open for 32 and a half hours, this is recorded as 32.50.
  • Example: where a school is open for 32 and three-quarter hours this is recorded as 32.75.

DfE guidance

Important points:

  • This includes the total time each day from the official start of the compulsory school day (morning registration) to when the compulsory school day ends, (official home time).
  • This figure will be inclusive of breaks, as these form part of the total compulsory school day, however it will not include optional activities either before or after school.
  • The data entered should be representative for pupils aged 5 to 16 in the school.
  • The DfE recognise some schools have different school weeks for different pupils or key stages. In these circumstances, schools should report a middle year group, for example, national curriculum year 3 in primary or national curriculum year 9 in secondary schools.
  • For all other schools such as all-through schools or middle schools, you should use a middle year group or age group, which represents an average week in your school.


To update in ScholarPack

This is done via the relevant school census page in Admin > Census.

Find School Time in the table and click on the 'School Time' button


The next page will display as shown below - 


Enter a figure and press Save.

Once hours have been entered and saved the page will display as shown below: 


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