Record a Student Incident

Student incidents are recorded via the student profile > Conduct tab

Here you can record incidents at the school and any other students involvement.

On initial selection you will see a bar chart showing the number of incidents each month for the selected student.  This will be blank if they have not yet had any.

incidents for a student.png


You also have the option to view the information as a table by clicking 'View Table'.

This will show when incidents occurred, details, role and the option to edit the information. 

table of incidents.png

Add new Incident

To add an incident click on Add.  

You can then add details about the incident which includes the zone and incident type.

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Adding additional students

If there were other students involved in a particular incident, you can add them using the 'Add additional students' button.

Adding additional students to an incident does not mean the incident will show in the profile of all students mentioned.  You would also need to add an incident to each of the students involved.


Its best to do this last If you have email notifications set up for student incidents, as clicking 'Add additional students' triggers the record to be saved for the current student and a notification will go to the relevant staff members.

This adds another field where you can start typing the other students name and select them from a list.

To complete the incident for all students involved click on Finish Incident.

add students to incident.png


Edit an Incident

Click on the View table icon and a table with all incidents will appear.

Find the incident you wish to edit and click on the edit button in the Edit column.

This will then allow you to add/edit any information there.


What's next?

Find out how to report on Incidents here: Incidents Report

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