ScholarPack Change Log

Welcome to our Change Log for the ScholarPack MIS! Here you'll find an update on all the changes made to the system each month.

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March 2024

February 2024

Logging in

Staff that are set as Inactive, even if they have a login, are no longer able to to log in. As part of this change, we also added a column to the ScholarPack Users report to check who is able to log in. You can find full details here: Changes to Staff access from 8th February 2024

Import and Export

What else is new?

January 2024

No changes, preparing for the upcoming release: Changes to Staff access from 8th February 2024

December 2023

We have tightened access for a few areas - see our User Roles Guide for a breakdown of roles.

November 2023

  • You can now fix upside down staff photos without needing to get in touch: Rotating photos using the Photo Manager
  • We've renamed and updated the Home > My Password page to My Account, where you can now see your current roles, when you last logged in, and guidance on good passwords, as well as being able to change your password.

October 2023

September 2023

  • We've added section navigation buttons to the Extended tab on student profiles, along with a Back to Top and Save button between each section.
  • Updated our homepage to say we're part of Arbor Education.
  • Autumn School Census is available.
  • For the Workforce Census this year, you can record users with the Post held of School Business Professional (SBP). Any SBP will need their Professional Qualifications recording, and a Destination and Leaving reasons when their contracts end.
  • Use the Member of the Senior Leadership Team drop-down on the staff Personal Details page to record your SLT. 

August 2023

  • Remaining COVID-19 fields have been removed from the Student Profile, Group Updater and Custom Report creator: Vulnerable child, On EHCP during, Attending during and Temporary FSM during COVID-19.
  • Continuing to rename Gender to Sex, this time on the student profile main page, and in Custom Reports.
  • The CTF Exporter will now no longer include interim or provisional assessment results.
  • We've removed the Assessment tab for Custom Reports, and for Display columns we have removed the historical APS section and renamed Current Levels to Current Steps Assessment.

July 2023

  • To align with the DfE, we've made some changes to the gender field in ScholarPack. Please visit our Help Centre article for more information on the updates: Sex, Gender and Gender Identity in ScholarPack and statutory returns
  • The Does child have a social worker and Child of a key worker fields are now found in the Support Information section of the Extended tab on student profiles.
  • We've renamed Bubbles to remove Covid from the name, and these can now be found in the Core Information section of the Extended tab on student profiles.
  • The box to identify a child as temporarily eligible for FSM during COVID has been removed from student profiles.
  • The COVID Attendance Report and the COVID-19 Report have now been removed.

June 2023

  • The 'Auto Scale Scores' button for KS1 statutory assessments will now convert KS1 test scores to standardised scores to complete the test outcome with the latest mapping.
  • Year End is now open and available for you to complete: Year End in ScholarPack
  • Our KS2 Official Results Report will now look at FSM status based on the date of the KS2 SATS results, not the date the report is run, so will include your Y6 leavers.
  • We've removed the 'Copy from Internal Assessments' button from the EYFS Statutory Assessment data entry page, as Steps does not support the current EYFS assessment framework.
  • School Led Tutoring has moved to the Support section of the Extended tab on the student profile.

May 2023

  • All name fields now accept name lengths of up to 60 characters for staff, students and contacts.
  • We've removed the confusing link to the old Single Central Record view. All the data is still visible in the current view: Central Register (SCR)
  • We now accurately display a dairy allergy as such, not 'lactose intolerance'.
  • You now can only enter valid dates for staff addresses and the '3rd party comms - permission collected' date.
  • The CTF importer will now flag to you if you're trying to add interim or provisional assessment results, and let you know that only final results will be imported.

April 2023

  • We've re-named and updated the Adopted from Care report to the Post-Looked After report. A new column has been added to show the post-looked after arrangements for each student.
  • More options for reporting on clubs - the custom report display columns now include three new options: Current Clubs, All Academic Year Clubs, and Historic Clubs - as well as All Clubs. Now you can track key pupil groups' access to Clubs in an academic year, for example to ensure that vulnerable groups of pupils are accessing clubs opportunities.
  • You're no longer able to create a dynamic group with the same name as an existing group. Top Tip: We've not made any changes to existing names.

March 2023

  • We've added an explanation to Admin > Students > Attendance Letters to say that they are overall statistics for the current academic year.
  • When we're unable to send an SMS, we'll now let you know. SMS will no longer be stuck as Pending, and no credits will be deducted for unsent texts.
  • We've also added a line in the Comms Log to explain if the number of failed SMS is high.
  • When adding a UPN to a student (or when importing a CTF), we'll let you know if there's already a student on your site with the UPN you're trying to add. Each student should have a unique UPN, so getting this message may mean there's a duplicate you'll need to resolve.
  • The Engagement Model has replaced P Scales as the assessment framework for students working significantly below their age-related curriculum. We've swapped these fields in the Support Tab > SEN section of the student profile, and in the SEN report.

February 2023

Improvements to Data Digger

  • You can now report on these students using the Data Digger: Young Carer, Child in Need, Students with Post looked after arrangements and students with School-led tutoring
  • We've renamed Protection Register to Protection Plan.
  • We've removed the legacy groupings for Assessment Maths/Reading/Writing Above/Below.
  • We've removed the legacy SEN Support categories for School Action or Early Years Action, School Action Plus or Early Years Action Plus, Statement and SchoolAction Plus and Statutory (for historical and/or local purposes only - not valid for PLASC/School Census).

What else is new?

  • We've updated the Admin > Personnel > Staff Group Updater to allow .academy addresses.
  • An additional column has been added to the Ever 6/Pupil Premium Report to show whether a child is in Local Authority Care. You can now easily compare your records with the Pupil Premium data downloaded from Get Information About Pupils (GIAP).

January 2023


  • The Attendance Percentage Between report has a filter to allow schools to exclude dual registered students.
  • The Student Attendance Reports (Bulk) page no longer displays former students.
  • The Reporting > Assessment > Statutory Assessments > ELG Official Results 2021 page now includes a column to show the total and average number of ELGs at expected for each student.
  • Filter or group data based on students' membership different groups in attainment, progress, attendance and pivot reports and the custom report writer: Using Dynamic, Static and Intervention Groups in New Reports

What else is new?

  • Additional fields have been added to the Extended tab of the student profile for PRUs to submit Previous School URN, Reason for Placement and SEN on Entry (required for the School Census).
  • You can now delete any unwanted default permissions, such as if you want to set up your own, more granular options: Adding, Editing or Deleting Permissions
  • Before, it was too easy to accidentally delete a staff member. To prevent this, now you'll need to set the staff as no longer active which will close the pop up. You'll need to re-open the tab to click the Delete button and confirm you want to delete them.
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