ScholarPack Change Log

Welcome to our brand new Change Log for the ScholarPack MIS! Here you'll find an update on all the changes made to the system each month, starting from January 2023.

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February 2023

Improvements to Data Digger

  • You can now report on these students using the Data Digger: Young Carer, Child in Need, Students with Post looked after arrangements and students with School-led tutoring
  • We've renamed Protection Register to Protection Plan.
  • We've removed the legacy groupings for Assessment Maths/Reading/Writing Above/Below.
  • We've removed the legacy SEN Support categories for School Action or Early Years Action, School Action Plus or Early Years Action Plus, Statement and SchoolAction Plus and Statutory (for historical and/or local purposes only - not valid for PLASC/School Census).

What else is new?

  • We've updated the Admin > Personnel > Staff Group Updater to allow .academy addresses.
  • An additional column has been added to the Ever 6/Pupil Premium Report to show whether a child is in Local Authority Care. You can now easily compare your records with the Pupil Premium data downloaded from Get Information About Pupils (GIAP).

January 2023


What else is new?

  • Additional fields have been added to the Extended tab of the student profile for PRUs to submit Previous School URN, Reason for Placement and SEN on Entry (required for the School Census).
  • You can now delete any unwanted default permissions, such as if you want to set up your own, more granular options: Adding, Editing or Deleting Permissions
  • Before, it was too easy to accidentally delete a staff member. To prevent this, now you'll need to set the staff as no longer active which will close the pop up. You'll need to re-open the tab to click the Delete button and confirm you want to delete them.
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