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Student AdHoc Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > AdHoc Report

The Ad Hoc report allows you to display information that has been entered into any Ad Hoc (extra) columns that have been added to the register.
The report can be exported by clicking onto the yellow download arrow icon in the top right hand side of the screen.  The option to export to Excel or PDF is given.

ad hoc report.png


You may wish to record for example if a student has brought in a permission slip for a trip on that day, or if the student will be attending an event or club.  A column can be added to the daily register where you can mark these off.  To set up a new column in the register go to Admin > Config > Ad Hoc Register      
    ad hoc register add column.png

To add a new ad hoc item to the register simply choose the Add New button. 

You can then enter the Ad hoc column name and the days of the week that you wish the column to appear on the register.  Select Insert.

To edit an existing item simply click on Edit button to change the data. You can now save your changes by clicking the Update button. There is also a delete option.

The new data column appears in the daily register at Home > Register, and the activity is recorded by turning the cross into a tick.  This information is only displayed in the register on that day, but the empty column will appear again the next week on the day(s) requested.

new column in register.png

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