Current Form Groups Report


Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Current Form Groups

The Current Form Groups report will display a list of your students, (current, former or future) with their currently assigned year group and form name.

This is a good report to run after you have completed your Year End procedure to check if all students have been put into the correct NC year groups and tutor groups. These groups are the same as those shown on the daily registers.

As well as showing the students' names, year, form, date of birth and gender there are five additional columns which can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF.  If you do not require all of these columns, they can be deleted by clicking onto the dustbin icon at the top of the column.

Columns can be sorted by clicking onto the column header.

The report can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF via the yellow download arrow on the top right hand side of the screen.  There is also a print icon.

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