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Special Cohorts Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Special Cohorts
The special cohorts report displays a table showing various cohorts including SEN, Pupil Premium, EAL, FSM, Summer Born etc and gives a breakdown per year group and form group of what number and percentage of pupils fall under each of these categories.
special cohorts.png
Choose which academic year you wish to report on; if reporting on a previous academic year you cannot alter the dates displayed as the report will only report on the entire school year. You can alter the dates for the current academic year. 
If you run the report for the Whole School then you get a breakdown of figures for all students. Running the report by Year will enable you to see the figures broken down per year group. 
whole school cohorts.png
If you run the report by Ethnicity, you can view total figures per cohort broken down into each ethnicity you have assigned to students in  your school. 
ethnicity cohorts.png
Once you have run the report,  you are provided with total student numbers in red for each category, and percentages will be in green. If you only wish to view numbers or percentages, click on the one you need in your report, and it will only display those figures.
The report can be exported by clicking onto the yellow download arrow on the top right hand side of the screen.  This opens up the option to export to Word, Excel or PDF.
Transpose Table will display the data in an alternative format, should you require this. 
transpose table.png
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