Managing Duplicate Spine Points

This article will cover identifying and rectifying duplicate spine points in ScholarPack.

An update has been applied to ScholarPack to prevent any new duplicate spine points from being added in future, so this process will only apply to existing duplicates within the system.


Identifying Duplicate Spine Points

There are 2 ways to identify duplicate spine points. The first is within the Pay Spine Points area, under Admin > Personnel > Pay Spine Points.

A banner will appear on this page if duplicates have been found. Click Manage Duplicates to rectify them. 



The other way is within the staff contract on the member of staff's profile. This can be found under Admin > Personnel > Staff, then by selecting the member of staff.

Under Contract Info, click the black cog next to the contract. A banner will appear at the top of the page if a duplicate has been identified. Click on the word 'here' at the end of this banner, this will take you to the Pay Spine Points area.  



Managing Duplicate Spine Points

Within this area, all spine points that share the same spine point code will be listed, along with all attached contracts. In this example, we have multiples of the M1 spine point. 


The first way to manage a duplicate spine point is to click on the contract. This will open a new tab on the edit page of that contract. The spine code can be changed, then click the Update button at the bottom of the page. The contract will no longer be associated with that spine point so it can be removed. 

Click the Edit button on the Manage Duplicate Contracts page to open a pop up menu. This will give you a few options, depending on what you need to do with this spine point.



Option 1 - Change the code

The first option is to change the spine point code. This will keep the spine point but is now displayed under a new name. If you want to keep this spine point for historical purposes, or you have accidently named this spine point the same as another one, you will need to change the spine point code. If you are keeping this for historical purposes, include the year in the spine point code area, for example, M1 2020. At this point you may want to update the description, pay amount and whether the spine point is active. Once you have done this, click the Update button. 

Option 2 - Remove this spine point

The second option is if you want to remove this spine point, as it may have been created in error, or is no longer needed. To do this, click the Delete button. You will still need to change the spine code before doing this. 

If you wish to keep this spine point and already have contracts assigned, you have the option to update these contracts with the new spine point details. Update the spine point code, then the description and pay amount if needed. Then select the contract you want to update under the Select Contract column, then click Update. These contracts will then be updated with the new spine point information. 



After the duplicates are fixed

Once all duplicates have been rectified, the banner will be removed from all contracts and the Pay Spine Points area. 

We would recommend running the Staff Contracts report when rectifying your duplicate spine points. This can be done by navigating to Reporting > Reports > Staff Contracts(Under Staff). There is also a shortcut to this report when editing your duplicates. 

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