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Universal FSM Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Universal FSM

What does the report display?
This report will show those students who are eligible for the Universal Free School Meal - being all students in years 0, 1 and 2. This report also shows:
  • which students are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM Eligible)
  • how many meals a students has had since the start of term (Total Number of Meals)
  • how many of those meals were supplied by the school (Total School Meals)
  • how many of those were supplied by other means, ie. packed lunch (Total Non-School Meals)  
How do I filter this report?
The filters available when running this report are:
  • Group (this includes Year groups, Key Stages, and all your Dynamic and Static groups) 
  • Forms (all form groups)
  • option to Include former students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll)
  • option to Show only future students (showing all students with a future start date)
  • option to Show Current Students (showing all current students)

Note: the Group and Form filters may be applied simultaneously. Leave filters blank to select whole school (showing only those students who are eligible for UFSM).

Click Choose to produce your report based on these filters.  

How do I order, remove and filter data?

  • Click the column headers to sort that column (alphabetical, numerical or chronological, according to the data). If holding Shift you may apply this function to further columns.
  • Click the Bin icon (above column header) to delete a column.
  • Use the filter box (test entry field below column header) to filter the data using specific criteria in that category. Click into a filter box then hover over it with your mouse for a full list of operators that can be used.

How do I export this data?

Exporting your data allows you to print, save, or further edit the information on screen. To do so, click the icon in the top-right corner.

Additional information

  • Clicking on the student's name will take you to their individual profile
  • Student names highlighted in red represent students who are no longer on roll.
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