Teacher Class List Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Staff (tab) > Class Lists

What does the report display?

This report will display a list of teachers with the assessment classes they teach or are assigned to in Admin > Config > Classes. 

teachers and classes.png


If you click on a class in the table it will bring up a class list, with student names, date of birth and form. 

class list.png


How do I order, remove and filter data?

The reports display as a table. If you click on a column header you can reorder the data (e.g. click on First Name column to show students in first name order instead of surname order). To delete a column, click on the dustbin icon in the column header.

How do I export this data?

The report can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF file, and as landscape or portrait. Click on the appropriate icon at the top right of your screen to save the report.

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