Guest First Aid Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Staff (tab) > Guest First Aid.

What does the report display?

This report will list any first aid incidents recorded in ScholarPack involving visitors at the school. Such accidents are recorded at Admin > Personnel > Guest Accident Book.

See - Recording a Visitor Accident or First Aid

How do I order, remove and filter data?

This report is produced as a table, displaying columns relating to the report title.  All column headers can be ordered; simply click on the column title.  To remove a column, use the bin icon in the column header. To edit this report further, use the white text entry field to filter the data and press return (e.g. by zone).

How do I export this data?

To download and save this report, click on the yellow arrow at the top right of the page, or print directly using the print icon.

To print details on an individual incident, click on the arrow in the final Details/Print column. A more detailed report will pop up that can be downloaded for printing, signing and filing as evidence.

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