Staff Medical Details Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Staff (tab) > Medicals

What does the report display?

This report will list any staff members with medical condition recorded on their staff profile under Extra Details, Medical Details and Disabilities.

How do I order, remove and filter data?

This report produces a table, displaying columns relating to the report title. Simply click on the column header to order the data or select the bin icon to remove the column.

NOTE: A Disability recorded on the staff profile under Medical Details will not appear in this report if a Medical condition is not also entered. 

The final column contains a tick box and allows you to only select those staff you wish to be in the report once it is exported and saved. 

staff medical.png


How do I export this data?

The report can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either landscape or portrait.

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