Tutor Lists Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Staff (tab) > Tutor List


What does the report display?

This report provides the list of Tutors that have been assigned to form groups in Admin > Config > Tutors: Assigning a Teacher to a Tutor/Form Group

The Tutor information also displays  on the staff profile front page, beneath the photo. 

The report lists the staff member's First Name, Surname, Year and Form, as well as a Classroom if it has been entered.


How do I order, remove or filter data?

This report will be produced as a table displaying columns relating to the report title. Simply click on the column header to order the data or select the bin icon to remove the column.

How do I export this data?

The report can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either landscape or portrait.

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